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Training climate and energy transformation experts for tomorrow

Our training programs are designed to provide insights and promote a better understanding of the energy transition and a climate neutral future.

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Agora Training


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Our training programmes

Informed specialists play a crucial role in tackling global climate issues and shaping the energy systems of tomorrow. Although energy policy primarily falls within the realm of national policy, national energy transformations share several commonalities, including international climate obligations, low-carbon technologies, traded energy resources, effective regulatory principles, and market structure.

To foster international expertise and knowledge transfer as well as strengthen the policy, communications, and technical skills of energy transition professionals around the globe, Agora Energiewende offers a range of training formats in both in-person and virtual settings. The training programmes, developed by Agora experts in cooperation with our partners, are particularly aimed at energy transition policy experts employed by or affiliated with think tanks or other non-governmental organisations. Experts from civil society organisations and/or academic bodies researching energy policy or other relevant fields fall into the wider target group.

EnerTracks Fellowship

Designed as a 6-week part-time training, Fellows will learn about a variety of topics such as energy markets, power system flexibility, communications messaging, and research methodologies. With the support of their Agora Energiewende mentors, each fellow tackles one specific transformation topic of their choice.

  • In-Person in Berlin
  • 6 week duration
  • Part-time
  • Spring cohort

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Study Tour

Participants receive intensive training in stakeholder engagement, electricity modelling, and design thinking. Under the guidance of RENAC and Agora Energiewende experts, participants work together in small groups and learn how to develop a comprehensive decarbonisation roadmap.

  • In-Person in Berlin
  • 2 week duration
  • Full-time
  • Spring | Fall cohorts

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Hydrogen & PtX Training

Over the course of two weeks, participants discuss key aspects of Power-to-X (PtX), from technological, political, and economic perspectives, as well as the sustainability criteria needed to develop hydrogen economies. In a series of exercises, participants map the PtX policy context and the relevant stakeholders in their respective countries.

  • In-Person in Berlin
  • 2 week duration
  • Full-time
  • Spring | Fall cohorts

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Grids and System Integration of Renewables

This training prepares participants with the foundations to understand and propose solutions to the challenges associated with integrating increasing amounts of wind and solar power into the grid. Participants will learn about how grids operate and best practices for modern grid planning, while also exploring strategies and activities that ensure that power system operations and planning align with the goals and needs of the energy transition.

  • Type: In-person in Bangkok
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Time investment: Part-time
  • Cohorts: 21-23 May 2024 & 28-30 May 2024

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Interested in applying?

We open calls for applications several times a year. Read up on our competitive application process and how to apply for one or more trainings. Make sure to consult the trainings’ eligibility criteria as they may vary depending on the programme.

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Our Training Alumni

The EnerTracks Alumni Network brings together over 160 graduates (and counting) from our training programmes over the years. With a vision to foster a flourishing ecosystem of climate and energy experts, the network aims to allow alumni to connect and exchange resources, knowledge, and lessons learned in various formats to advance the clean energy transition and climate-neutral industry around the world.

Activities of the network include peer review and research outputs, advocacy, outreach, and authorship in the name of the Alumni Network, global and regional network meetings, internal network communication approaches and training courses, workshops, and thematic events.

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