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Grids and System Integration of Renewables

Three-day training workshop in Bangkok focused on grids and renewable integration for Asia’s energy transitions

About our training on Grids and System Integration of Renewables

Agora Energiewende hosted a 3-day training workshop focused on sharing Agora’s expertise on grids and renewable integration for Asia’s energy transitions. The introductory training programme was designed to grow participants’ ability to shift narratives in public discourse around power system reliability and the role of power grids (transmission and distribution) and grid-supporting technologies, such as storage, in transforming energy systems. The training laid out what is needed for grids and power systems to drive the energy transition forward more affordably and reliably and empower participants to actively shape policy debates.

The training programme was designed to be a mixture between theoretical lectures, hands-on exercises, group work and inclusive discussions. We strive to create a healthy, safe and informal learning environment, where collaboration is encouraged and where mistakes are celebrated as part of the learning process. Best practices indicate that people learn a lot with and from each other too! 

Our upcoming trainings

  • Spring 2024: 21-23 May | 28-30 May

The call for application for the Spring Training is now CLOSED.

How to apply - Application CLOSED

We ask interested participants to submit their current CV and a short (max 600 words) letter of motivation.  

In the letter of motivation, we ask that you:  

  • introduce yourself, your institution, and how your work addresses the role of renewables, including if you are (or plan to) address grid related challenges;
  • describe some of the challenges you currently face when engaging with power system operations and planning (e.g., interpreting policies and reports, communicating with stakeholders, advocating for wind and solar deployment, etc.);
  • describe your vision for how the knowledge and skills you expect to gain in this training could feed into your institution’s current or future activities; and 
  • indicate your preferred training dates.

Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis – thus the earlier you apply, the higher your chance.

For any questions, kindly reach out to us at grids_training(at)agora-energiewende(dot)de.

What to expect

On completion of the 3-day training, participants were be able to: 

  • explain the integration challenges linked to the large-scale deployment of variable renewable energy into the power grid,
  • identify gaps between government plans and those of other actors in updating their power system operations and planning practices to meet the requirements of the energy transition, and
  • devise strategies and priority actions to close these gaps.

Location and training dates

  • The 3-day training programme will took place in Bangkok, Thailand. The training was held on two occasions in May, limited to 20 participants per cohort.

On completion of the programme, participants received a certificate of participation.

Who is eligible

The training programme is open to applicants currently employed by or affiliated with a think tank, non-governmental or civil society organisation working on energy transitions in the following geographies: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan, or Bangladesh. The training is targeted towards early-to-mid career professionals who work on renewable energy or energy transitions and are looking to build new knowledge and capacities relating to grids and system integration of renewable energy. 

As we seek to improve participants’ knowledge and skills to expand their institution’s energy transition advocacy, we ask that participants: 

  • work on power systems, renewables, or grid related topics as part of their job, or plan to work on this in the near future;  
  • have a foundational knowledge of energy and power systems; and  
  • are planning to develop future activities (e.g., policy, advocacy, or campaigns) relating to grids as a potential blocker or enabler for your country’s energy transition.

Our training package

Participation in the training was free of charge. Participants received:  

  • Access to the 3 days training with no fee 
  • 3-4 nights’ accommodation 
  • Breakfast and lunches throughout the training period

Participants were expected to cover: 

  • International travel to Bangkok and all local transport 
  • Dinners 
  • Visa costs (an invitation letter can be shared upon request)
  • Any incidental expenses outside of the trainings.

About Agora Training

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Contact us

For any questions, kindly reach out to us at grids_training@agora-energiewende.de