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About our application process

About our application process

Our participant selection process starts with the opening of a call for applications several times a year. Professionals interested in participating in our trainings must submit an application using the official online application form. Access to the application form is only provided during a call for applications. After the submission period has ended, the training team reviews all applications. Shortlisted candidates are invitied to an interview during which they are asked to provide additional insight into their motivation for participating in our trainings. Shortlisted candidates will be given an update on their application status after the interview phase. Candidates offered a spot in our trainings receive support from our team during the preparation of their training participation. Applicants not shortlisted will be informed of their application status only after the training cohorts are selected.

Applying to more than one training

Please read through the different training programme descriptions, as well as the eligibility criteria for each training. It is possible to apply for multiple trainings at once, as long as your application includes all of the requested information and materials for each individual training.

Note: Simply selecting all trainings in the application form does not automatically increase the likelihood of being selected. However, if you are a good fit, you can be selected for multiple trainings. Bear in mind that we always consider the overall group heterogeneity including regional and gender representation when we select our training cohorts.

How to apply

Once you have read the programme information and eligibility criteria carefully, please submit the following documents in one single (English language) PDF document file via the online application form. Note: Missing, non-compliant or incomplete documents applications may lead to an automatic rejection.

  1. Your CV/resume (max. 2 pages)
  2. A letter of support from your home institution granting you permission to participate in the training (applications not including this letter may be automatically rejected)
  3. A motivation letter describing your current responsibilities in your organisation and how the training programme(s) would support your work in your home country (max. 500 words; around 4000 characters with spaces)
    Applications for the EnerTracks Fellowship: Aside from the motivation letter, applicants must also include information on the specific research topic/project they would like to expand on with their Agora mentor AND how this topic relates directly to their work (max. 250 words). Applications for the Fellowship not including information on the research topic may lead to an automatic rejection.
Submit your application in one session

Please have all documents ready before starting the application form. Unfortunately, you cannot save a partially completed form and continue working on it at a later point in time. The entire form must be completed and submitted in one session. Once you have submitted the application form, you will receive a confirmation email. Please make sure your email address is spelled spelled correctly and check your spam folder.

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