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Agora Councils

In the Agora Councils, key stakeholders in the energy, climate and industrial policy debate come together on a regular basis. The Councils are a place of open and honest discussion and exchange – underpinned by scientific expertise.

Agora Councils

In our Council discussions with a broad group of stakeholders from politics, science, business and civil society, we aim to help develop innovative solutions to the key challenges of the energy transition and to advance climate neutrality. This also includes deepening our common understanding of the most pressing problems and policy options as well as discussing the findings and concepts resulting from the work of the Agora Think Tanks.  

To ensure that members of the Agora Councils can discuss openly and honestly with each other, these non-public meetings take place under the Chatham House Rule. This means that remarks made during the meetings will not be attributed to speakers or their respective institutions.

The Councils are an advisory and strictly honorary board. Membership does not create any economic ties between Agora and the participating actors. The Council chair receives an expense allowance. Even though membership in the Councils is linked to the professional role of the attendants, the latter can and should also share their personal perspectives during the discussions.

Agora Council for Germany

The concept of exchanging ideas has been central for Agora Energiewende since its founding in 2012, therefore our work has always been accompanied by a Council. This way, we have built a culture of dialogue on the challenges and opportunities of the German energy transition as well as climate and industrial policy with policymakers, interest groups and other experts in Germany. While there have been changes in the composition of the Council, a trustful discussion culture persists after around 50 Council sessions. Agora Energiewende’s Germany Council was chaired by Rainer Baake from June 2012 until December 2013, followed by Klaus Töpfer from December 2013 until January 2018 and by Hans-Joachim Ziesing from February 2018 to January 2023. Urban Rid is the current chair of Agora Energiewende' Germany Council.

Agora Council for Europe

The Agora Council for Europe, established in December 2021, convenes key representatives from European governments, the European Parliament, the European Commission, science and research institutes, industry associations and civil society for a regular, confidential exchange on critical elements of European climate and energy policy. The Agora Council for Europe is chaired by Jos Delbeke.