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Careers at Agora Energiewende

Supporting the successful decarbonisation of the economy at Agora Energiewende

Open positions

Careers at Agora Energiewende

Become part of our international and interdisciplinary team

Agora Energiewende develops evidence-based strategies to ensure the success of the clean energy transition around the globe. As an independent and non-partisan think tank and policy laboratory, we analyse upcoming challenges, share our knowledge with political decision-makers, economic actors, scientists and civil society stakeholders, and enable a productive exchange of ideas.

We are a non-profit organisation funded by foundations and public institutions and hence are beholden neither to business nor to politics.

Our exclusive mission is to serve the climate.

Under the Agroa umbrella, 180 mission-driven experts from various disciplines work in four offices. Below, you will find our open positions in our interdisciplinary and international teams working on the energy and buildings sector in Berlin, Brussels, Bangkok and Beijing.

If you are looking for a position in industry or food, agriculture and forestry, please visit the following sites:

Agora Industry    Agora Agriculture

Open positions

Here are our open positions organised by office location.

Please also take a look at our German-language page. You may find further vacancies there.

What it means to work with us

At Agora Energiewende, you become part of a dynamic organisation striving for diversity and inclusion. You will have the opportunity to expand your network and build professional relationships around the globe. As part of our content-related teams, you will work on policy processes at national, European, and international levels. If you join us as an administrative staff member, you will contribute to setting up a strong backbone for our organisation and a great work place for all of us.

Our organisation is characterised by a cooperative working atmosphere, a committed team, as well as open communication and flat decision-making hierarchies within interdisciplinary teams. Within the organisation we speak English – however, walking through our different offices you will hear many other languages as well.

At Agora Energiewende you will find

  • a hybrid work mode in our centrally located offices and a remote set-up.
  • team events that bring us together, whether as part of our two annual retreats, our events presenting our work or our fun after-work get-togethers.
  • the option to work full-time or part-time depending on your personal needs and your responsibilities.
  • opportunities for personal growth through our Career Path model, training program, and continuous feedback within the whole organisation.
  • flexible working hours, vacation days allocation depending on office location and mental well-being support.
  • new forms of work – we are constantly improving the way we work and cooperate. A very productive cooperation with our Works Council also helps to ensure that the needs of our staff members are always taken into account.

Our application process

To give you an idea of what happens after your application, we have outlined an example recruitment process for you. However, depending on the position the process will be adapted accordingly.

  • Application screening

    Once the deadline for applications has passed, the hiring team will assess your candidature. This will take about 1-2 weeks.

    Even if you do not meet all requirements, we would like to encourage you to apply. Please let us know in your cover letter why you think you are a good fit for the position and what else you can add to our team.

  • Interview stage

    The first step of the recruitment process is an interview to get to know you, to understand your motivation for the position and to tell you about our organisation. This interview will most likely be held online.

    Next, you will meet the team you would be working with, and the interview is likely to get more technical. To complete this and also to give you a better insight into how we work, we might then ask you for a technical assessment.

    Depending on the position you are applying for, the process is concluded with reference calls and a last conversation with our HR team to make sure you have all the information you need to make your decision.

  • Onboarding in the team

    Once you have signed your employment contract with us, we will begin preparations for your start at Agora.

    During the first three months, you will be guided by our onboarding programme as you get to know your team members and your role – we want to provide you with all the necessary information for a successful start at Agora. Additionally, we offer a mentoring programme for our new colleagues and of course your team will help you with any questions.