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20 September 2018 11:00 - 12:00h

The German "Energiewende" and the French "Transition Énergétique" by 2030

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National debates on the future of power systems are ongoing on both sides of the Rhine. France is currently redefining its energy strategy and specifying the evolution of its electricity mix for the next ten years, especially regarding the role of renewable and nuclear energies. The German government, committed to accelerate the development of renewables, set up a commission entrusted with the definition of a pathway out of coal generation in order to achieve the national climate targets by 2030.

At the same time, the French, German and European electricity systems are increasingly interconnected. The current Energy Union strategy aims at further increasing energy systems integration in the EU “to ensure affordable, secure and sustainable energy for Europe and its citizens” . As a result, choices made by one country could have a growing influence on its direct neighbor and in the rest of Europe.

Agora Energiewende and IDDRI, with the support of Artelys, studied in detail the co-dependent impacts on the European electricity systems of German and French choices on nuclear and coal in the context of renewable energy development and presented them during this webinar which you can review on our YouTube channel (see window on top of this page).

The related study (full version in French, executive summary in English; for further versions please have a look at Veröffentlichungen) and presentation shown during the webinar may be found in the download section below.

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The German "Energiewende" and the French "Transition Énergétique" by 2030

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