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Dimitri Pescia

Director Southeast and East Asia

Dimitri Pescia is Director Southeast and East Asia at Agora Energiewende. He leads Agora's energy and climate policy work in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, Japan and South Korea. Dimitri has been working for Agora Energiewende since December 2013.

Previously, he held positions at the French Department of Economic Affairs and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he contributed to strengthening French-German bilateral cooperation on energy, environmental, and industrial policies. His work has centered around research and policy proposals related to the transformation of energy systems in Germany, Europe, and Asia. Specifically, he focused on renewable energy integration in power systems, market design, and the formulation of long-term policy roadmaps toward achieving net-zero emissions.

As a native French speaker, Dimitri Pescia holds a Master of Science in Physics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and an International Diploma in Physics from Imperial College London.