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29 October 2020 20:00 - 22:00h

Decarbonising energy systems in Southeast Asia: long-term vision and recent trends

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With growing shares of ever cheaper variable renewable energy (VRE), the power sector and its flexibility have become key issues in energy planning and policy considerations in Asia. The current trend towards electrifying transport and industry also represents a unique opportunity for a clean energy transition across sectors. Along with key options such as hydrogen, this trend helps integrate ever greater shares of VRE and accelerate the decarbonisation of the wider energy system.

As part of the Singapore International Energy Week, Agora Energiewende hosted a roundtable of think tanks to discuss opportunities for major Southeast Asian economies to embark on a road to decarbonization of their power and wider energy systems, led by electrification.

The first part set the scene with insights from current energy policy and trends in the countries and recent analytical work on low carbon pathways presented by energy think tanks from Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand.

The second part looked to the future, with long-term energy perspectives presented by an independent think tank and technology experts. Agora Energiewende also provided insights into the debate on hydrogen for future global energy systems, based on the accelerating debate in Europe and its impact on Southeast Asia.

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Decarbonising energy systems in Southeast Asia: long-term vision and recent trends

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