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Agora Industry

Agora Industry works with an interdisciplinary and international team, and in close dialogue with stakeholders, to develop scientifically sound and politically feasible concepts for a pathway towards climate-neutral industry. At present, industrial processes still cause 40 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. A particular focus of Agora Industry's work is the production of basic materials steel, cement and chemicals, which are responsible for almost two-thirds of industrial emissions. The aim is to support the transition with science-based concepts at a political and technological level. The think tank works closely with Agora Energiewende, Agora Agrar and Agora Verkehrswende to cover all areas of climate neutrality.

As a think tank and policy lab, Agora shares knowledge with stakeholders from politics, business, science and civil society and strives for a productive exchange of ideas. The think tank's research identifies practical political solutions without assuming an ideological position. As a non-profit organisation funded by donations from foundations and public institutions, Agora is not beholden to corporate or party-political interests, but dedicated exclusively to the common good and climate protection. The aim of the organisation is to use its independent expertise to promote climate protection within the framework of the politically agreed targets and to involve as broad an alliance of stakeholders as possible.