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3 April 2024

2050 Climate neutrality roadmap for Korea: K-map scenario 2.0

Repowering Korea's technological leadership in favour of a clean economy


South Korea has committed to achieving climate neutrality by 2050. Against this backdrop, a consortium of four think tanks – the Green Energy Strategy Institute, the Green Transition Institute, the NEXT Group and Agora Energiewende – conducted an analysis with the goal of identifying measures and market segments that can be transformed rapidly, while enhancing the country’s competitiveness. This analysis builds upon the 2050 Climate Neutrality Roadmap for Korea (the K-Map scenario) published two years prior and delves into five emitting sectors – power, industry, transport, buildings, and agriculture. Each chapter presents updates, insights, and policy proposals tailored for South Korea’s path to climate neutrality.

To address the climate crisis, the analysis emphasises the need for a significant increase in wind and solar power capacity alongside integration of renewables into the grid, and swift adoption of emissions reduction strategies in industries. Technological shifts, particularly in industrial sectors, are highlighted as feasible and crucial. In the buildings sector, installing photovoltaic systems and implementing incentivising regulations will be key. Accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and establishing stringent greenhouse gas emission standards and a clear phase-out roadmap for conventional engines are crucial in the transport sector. Finally, agrivoltaic systems are proposed as a means to address energy needs while promoting rural development and food security.

These findings underscore the urgency and opportunity for Korea to lead in the energy transition, stressing the need for innovative policy frameworks and collaboration among key stakeholders. We hope this study will help Korean policymakers successfully navigate the challenges ahead.

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Bibliographical data

Agora Energiewende, Institute for Green Transformation, Green Energy Strategy Institute, NEXT group
Hyunji Im, Hyunyoung Jee, Sungha Jeon, Rachel Eun Ko, Dr Pilseok Kwon, Jiwoo Lee, Hyodong Moon, Dimitri Pescia, Dr Yonghyun Song, Dr Kwanghee Yeom
Version number
Publication date

3 April 2024

This publication was produced within the framework of the project An ambitious net-zero roadmap for South Korea.