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Institute for Green Transformation

The Institute for Green Transformation was founded in July 2013 for an ecological transition from economic growthism and techno-centeredness. Researchers and activists of the institute, who gather voices from the studies and experiments of grassroots around the world, aim to present a long-term vision of an ecological civilization society, create a new language containing trust, solidarity, and communication-based on the power of reflection, and share the wisdom we have accumulated by connecting and interacting with others.

"Green review" publisher and ecological thinker Kim Jong-Chul was invited as the first chairman. Currently, it is made up of 280 members and 34 executives (directors, advisors, and auditors), including Chairman Kim Ji-young. At the beginning of its foundation, we focused on basic income research and researched the effectiveness of the Seongnam City Youth Dividend Program. Since then, we have mainly researched policies for the Climate Crisis and the theme of "Urban Green New Deal Policy Cases-Focusing on Seoul Metropolitan City" in connection with the Green New Deal under the commission of Korea Research Institute for Human Settlement.  In 2020, intending to write a Citizen Declaration on the Green New Deal, we held a discussion meeting on what citizens want for the Green New Deal. In 2021, we held several public forums focusing on sub-subjects of the Green New Deal including such as energy transition, transition for justice, and food & caring.