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18 April 2024

12 Insights on Hydrogen – Brazil Edition

The publication discusses hydrogen development in Brazil and its role in a future low-carbon economy, with H2 and Power-to-X as drivers of a new green industrialisation in the country.

12 Insights on Hydrogen – Brazil Edition


Brazil is in the spotlight when the role to be played by renewable hydrogen in the global pursuit of climate neutrality is being discussed. Brazil boasts a unique combination of renewable energy sources, minerals and other raw materials, has a consolidated bioenergy industry and extraordinary human capital.

This enables the country to play a key role in decarbonising global carbon-intensive value chains. The trading potential of hydrogen and its derivatives also presents an opportunity for Brazil to create the social and economic benefits of a hydrogen economy.

This report leverages Brazil’s current political momentum to strive for a more ambitious global industry decarbonisation agenda with the G20 presidency in 2024 and the hosting of COP 30 in 2025. At the same time, it contributes to the national debate and enhances international understanding of Brazil’s industrial and energy potential – through hydrogen and PtX – to promote a new green industrialisation process in the country, fostering green and future-proof jobs.

Our analysis shows that good governance is needed to secure investments and technology development. Internationally, Brazil is in a good position to establish strategic partnerships for creating win-win situations for both Brazil and its partners.

Key findings

  1. Brazil’s vast energy resources, together with its experienced industrial sector, position the country as one of the world’s potential hubs for the production and trade of power-to-x products.

    Hydrogen and PtX production represent an opportunity for sustainable growth of the Brazilian industrial sector; with cost-competitive and abundant renewable energy resources, Brazil can attract industrial value chains to advance business models, while providing important socio-economic benefits to the country.

  2. Direct use of renewable power may be prioritised, with hydrogen playing a secondary role.

    Brazil’s National Hydrogen Programme (PNH2) may prioritise the use of hydrogen and PtX products in key sectors such as industry, shipping and aviation, where direct electrification or direct use of biomethane from residual biomass is not feasible. This will require an integrated planning across sectors such as energy, industry, transport, infrastructure and environment.

  3. There is a need to assess the complementarity of resources and their hydrogen potential in each of Brazil’s regions to harness their unique capacities.

    The country’s vast territory offers opportunities to explore different technological pathways for industrial development and production of PtX products based on Brazil’s diversity of energy and natural resources.

  4. Given its relevant role in the international geopolitics, Brazil can be a leader in advancing the industry decarbonisation agenda and developing strategic partnerships for a global PtX market.

    As the president of the upcoming G20 meeting in 2024 and host of the UN Climate Conference in 2025, Brazil can be a pioneer in developing strategic partnerships to create benefits within and across regions.

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Stefania Relva, Clauber Leite, Rosana Santos (all Instituto E+ Transição Energética); Fabian Barrera, Leandro Janke, Karina Marzano, Camilla Oliveira, Kathrin Gretener, Bruno Naredo (all Agora Industry); Ennio Peres da Silva, Jorge Luís Ferreira Boeira (all Cognitio Consultoria)
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18 April 2024

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01. JUL 2024

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Agora Industry, Agora Energiewende and Instituto E+ Transição Energética (2024): 12 Insights on Hydrogen – Brazil Edition
This publication was produced within the framework of the project 12 Insights on Hydrogen – Brazil Edition.

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