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19 September 2014

Report provides overview of Dutch power sector

The report provides an overview on structure, main features and future challenges of the Dutch Power System. It shall serve as a tool to enhance the knowledge basis and prepare the ground for thinking about potential cooperation.

This country profile on the Netherlands is the second of a series that will eventually cover roughly twelve countries – including Germany. The Netherlands is a major European gas producer and infrastructure hub and as such takes an important role in the context of European energy market integration. The power generation mix is dominated by gas which, however, has not been competitive on wholesale markets, where German coal and renewables have set low market prices. Clearly, this makes a strong case for regional cooperation, which indeed is strongly advocated by the Dutch government.

This report is certainly not exhaustive. We rather consider it as work in progress that we will review on a regular basis, checking latest developments, improving the text and adding new aspects. We would thus invite everyone to send us comments and corrections that could be incorporated into the next versions to countryprofile@agora-energiewende.de.

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