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Event Pristina
10 May 2022 09:30 - 14:15h

PPAs in the Western Balkans

Opportunities and obstacles

*** The event was streamed on Facebook via our partner INDEP: www.facebook.com/InstitutiINDEP/ ***

The war in Ukraine is pushing Europe to get out of fossil fuels’ import dependence as soon as possible which means building vast amounts of renewables has to become a reality now – and not tomorrow. Moreover, renewables can provide a mitigation option against vulnerability of markets and end customers to fossil price volatility, and they can also contribute towards energy independence and security of supply. Hence, significant wind and PV capacities need to be installed in the Western Balkans in a relatively short timeframe. But the countries are still facing numerous barriers which hinder scaling up renewables’ expansion.

What is the role of the market in these times? How can market-based routes to renewables expansion help with the scaling up of projects in Kosovo and the Western Balkans? What kind of a market framework is needed that will support merchant renewables and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in deploying additional projects? What are the overall advantages of green PPAs and how can we incentivise their utilisation? Last but not least, what type of policy options do we need in the region to address the barriers hindering renewable PPA utilisation?

All these questions about the role of PPAs and the market in supporting renewables were discussed during this public event in Pristina, Kosovo, on 10 May 2022. Agora Energiewende organised it together with enervis energy advisors and our partner from Kosovo, the Institute for Development Policy (INDEP).

You can find the detailed programme of this event in the download section further down.

All slides shown during the event can be found in the download section further down.

Event details

PPAs in the Western Balkans

Hotel Sirius
Agim Ramadani
10000 Pristina

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