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12 October 2021 12:00 - 13:30h

Member states driving the green energy transition

Best practice investments, policy reforms and transparent decision processes

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The Clean Energy for All Europeans Package introduced a new governance framework for EU energy and climate policy, establishing a new relationship between the EU and Member States based on cooperation and negotiation through integrated National Energy and Climate Plans. The Next Generation EU Fund and its payments based on recovery plans and milestones further refine the interplay between the EU and the national level. Now that for most countries the first recovery payments have been handed out, the monitoring phase kicks in and questions on accountability and transparency come to the fore. For example, given that a large share of green transition spending occurs at local level, those authorities will have to be involved when green spending is planned and handed out.

EU Member States are currently in the process of planning for an optimal use of available green finance opportunities under the EU budget and finalizing plans for cohesion spending and just transition. Since Member States have a similar need to quickly absorb financial resources and accelerate clean transitions, the sharing of best practices for clean transition investments and policies is becoming ever more important. This event is intended to contribute to this.

Organized as part of the 2021 EU Sustainability Week, this session aimed to empower national-level stakeholders to play their part in ensuring a vivid debate around the best path towards net zero in Europe. Hosted by Agora Energiewende in association with the European Commission Directorate-General of Energy and EUFORES, it presented the perspective of EU Member States and of key clean transition stakeholders at national and EU levels, topical research on climate investments/finance as well as best practices.

We had a deep look on insights from Paula Abreu Marques, DG ENER Head of unit A1, MEP Ciaran Cuffe, President of EUFORES, Livia Vasakova, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic and Michaela Holl, Senior Associate Agora Energiewende Brussels, who joined by Mathieu Fichter, Policy officer European Commission DG REGIO, and Martin Mikeska, Czech Chamber of Renewable Energy Sources, for the panel discussion.

The 1.5-hour webinar was hold in English.

You can find the detailed programme of this webinar in the download section further down.

You can find the presentation of this webinar in the download section further down.

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Member states driving the green energy transition

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