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Countries and Regions

An overview of the countries and regions we work with.

  • Poland

    With growing pressure on its national energy system, which is still heavily coal-reliant, Poland could use the financial and political opportunities of the European Green Deal and more broadly the green transition to redefine its economic development paradigm.

  • South Africa

    South Africa could become a successful case study for Africa's energy transition.

  • South Korea

    As a highly industrialised and emitting country, South Korea's road to net zero is constrained by a unique set of challenges.

  • Southeast Asia

    To accelerate its energy transformation, Southeast Asia needs to align its development goals, its rapid economic and population growth and net-zero ambitions.

  • Southeast Europe

    A region with a unique opportunity to decarbonise power systems while maximising security of supply.

  • Thailand

    While still highly dependent on natural gas, Thailand is moving toward a diversification of its energy mix to align with net-zero commitments.

  • Türkiye

    Sitting at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, Türkiye’s energy transition gained renewed momentum after the country pledged to reach climate neutrality by 2053.

  • Vietnam

    Vietnam’s rapid development of solar energy puts it on the path to becoming Southeast Asia’s renewable energy champion.