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Hydrogen & PtX Training

Two-week training enabling participants to weigh the opportunities and risks associated with PtX technologies across the globe

About our Hydrogen and PtX Training

A true Agora product, the Hydrogen and PtX Training programme was jointly developed by Agora’s Hydrogen and Training teams to form a two-week full-time immersion into the world of renewable hydrogen and Power-to-X (PtX). With multidisciplinary sessions from Agora experts in the field and practical step-by-step guidance for identifying stakeholders and developing policy recommendations, participants use their respective country’s hydrogen context as the basis for their analysis.

For this training, Agora Energiewende invites a group of eight participants for an intensive two-week training on hydrogen and PtX at our office in Berlin, Germany. Over the course of the programme, participants take part in training sessions prepared and facilitated by Agora Think Tanks’ hydrogen experts. These multidisciplinary sessions cover the primary aspects of hydrogen, including technological, political, and economic perspectives, as well as the sustainability criteria needed to develop hydrogen economies. In a series of exercises, participants map the hydrogen policy context and relevant stakeholders in their respective countries and discuss within the group what lessons can be learned. Developing an independent policy recommendation that fits into participants’ national and organisational contexts forms the core of this exercise.

The goal of the programme is to empower participants to act as drivers of change in their country’s energy transition by strengthening their abilities to weigh the opportunities and risks associated with hydrogen and PtX technologies.

After participating in the Hydrogen and PtX Training, participants are able to:

  • Evaluate technological and economic landscapes and their associated policy implications
  • Critically discuss sustainability aspects of transitioning towards renewable hydrogen economies
  • Better understand the roles of relevant stakeholders driving national hydrogen debates
  • Tailor and communicate messages to different audiences

“The Hydrogen and PtX Training was a transformative learning experience which has empowered me to take up a thought leadership role on PtX at my organisation. The two weeks were a perfect mix between theory and practice. I found the skills building components on stakeholder positioning, effective communication and the development of policy recommendations very valuable. I also truly enjoyed the opportunity to learn from colleagues all over the world and have built lasting connections.”

Argon Poorun, South Africa | PtX Fall 2022

Our upcoming trainings

The Hydrogen and PtX Training takes place twice a year as spring and fall cohorts.

  • Spring 2024: 11.03.-22.03.2024 (cohort has been selected)
  • Fall 2024: 16.9.-27.9.2024 (cohort has been selected)

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What to expect

Over the course of the 2-week Hydrogen and PtX Training, participants will receive:

  • Tailored and interactive sessions prepared by in-house Agora Industry and Agora Energiewende experts
  • Facilitation of a political economy analysis of the hydrogen and PtX debate in each participant’s country. This includes identifying relevant stakeholders, ranking them according to power and influence as well as analysing their specific positions on hydrogen and PtX, and developing policy recommendations for their national contexts.
  • Peer-to-peer exchange and the opportunity to expand their network of international PtX and energy transition experts.
  • The opportunity to visit a facility engaged in renewable hydrogen

Upon completion of the programme participants will receive:

  • A certificate documenting participation
  • Access to the  PtX Hub’s training alumni Network

Who is eligible

The programme will be of particular interest to applicants from countries in which hydrogen and PtX technologies are already deployed or future hydrogen economies are envisioned. To be considered eligible for the Hydrogen and PtX Training, participants must fulfil several criteria:

  • Applicants must be a national of an Official Development Aid (ODA recipient) country.
  • Applicants must be currently employed by or affiliated with a think tank or other non-governmental organisation working in the energy transition field (exceptions see below). Unfortunately, currently enrolled bachelor’s/master’s university students and job seekers are not eligible to join our programmes.
Interested professionals from academia, government or the private sector

This programme has been designed for individuals working in the think tank/non-profit context, and preference will be given to candidates from those sectors. However, we sometimes consider applications from individuals working in academic organizations if they have a strong track record of taking part in national discussions on the energy transition and/ or PtX. Candidates from the private sector or governmental organisations can not be considered.

  • Applicants must have around five to seven years of relevant professional experience in the energy sector. We are looking for participants who are already actively engaged and eager to guide national discussions in the energy transition and on PtX, rather than those who fit a particular age requirement. They should be willing to increase their impact as drivers of change in the energy transformation.
  • Applicants should bring with them a strong understanding of power systems, energy economics, climate and energy policy, and policy instruments/processes.
  • Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited university, in economics, environmental science, engineering, political science, or similar (master’s degree preferred).
  • Applicants must have excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
Participants from underrepresented and/or vulnerable groups

We are particularly pleased to receive applications from individuals from groups that have been underrepresented in energy policy. To ensure a diversity of participants, we typically do not accept more than 1-2 individuals from the same country per cohort and take into consideration factors such as regional and gender representation. Should you anticipate any barriers to your participation such as disability access, childcare requirements or other, please let us know. While we cannot guarantee a solution, we will do our best to accommodate candidates chosen for the programme. We encourage you to apply.

Our training package

The Hydrogen and PtX Training takes place in Berlin, requiring participants to travel to Germany. To facilitate their travel to and stay in Berlin, the following training package – including modest financial support – is offered to all participants:

  • A letter of support for visa processes
  • Full reimbursement of participants’ flight costs
  • All-expenses paid accommodation in Berlin
  • Berlin-wide public transportation tickets for the duration of the training
  • A modest daily stipend
  • International travel health insurance
  • CO2 compensation of participants’ flights

The following costs must be borne by the participant:

  • Any costs or fees connected to visa processes
  • Travel costs for transport to and from airports
  • Other personal costs arising during the time in Berlin

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