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Consentec GmbH

Consentec is a boutique consultancy and software company and since our foundation in 1999 we have been specializing in engineering scientific and power economic problems in the field of line related energy supply. Consentec focuses on questions dealing with network planning and operation, security of supply as well as grid and system integration of renewable energy, regulation of natural monopoly in the liberalized power and gas supply as well as the design of power and gas markets.

Focusing on international business relations, Consentec uses its sound experience with regard to its technical and power economical knowledge. Our team and partners possess long-term experience in the field and extensive contacts to energy suppliers, authorities and government institutions, as well as close contacts to the energy technology industry and consulting firms in Europe. On a case-by-case basis we cooperate with reputable academic institutes, consulting as well as software companies.

Within a European-wide scope we work for public and private clients such as energy suppliers, network operators, industry associations, ministries and regulatory authorities. In doing so we are completely independent from institutes, industrial companies or associations. We are exclusively self-financed by working on our projects.