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1 September 2020

Optimum electricity generation capacity mix for Turkey towards 2030


In this study, optimum capacity development is modeled for Turkey for the period between 2020 and 2030 under five different scenarios and how different policy choices can play a role in achieving Turkey’s energy development goals. Its aim is to contribute to the formulation of a long-term energy system planning strategy for Turkey. The analysis includes the impact of different scenarios of system cost, market prices, trade balance and carbon dioxide emissions.

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Bibliographical data

Hasan Aksoy (SHURA Energy Transition Center), Ozan Korkmaz, Volkan Yiğit, Kerim Gökşin Bavbek, Elif Koyuncuoğlu Toma (APLUS Enerji) and Mathis Rogner (Agora Energiewende)
Publication date

1 September 2020