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30 April 2022

Integration of renewable energy to the Turkish energy system


This study assesses the potential impacts to Turkey’s transmission grid network that could arise due to an accelerated transformation of the power system that is focused predominately on variable renewable energies. It models the evolution of the Turkish power grid, investigates potential operational challenges, and puts a particular focus on the system integration of variable renewables. This assessment represents a revision and update to SHURA’s 2018 study, which employed a similar methodology, but assessed the impacts of a doubling of variable renewable energy capacity from 20 GW to 40 GW by 2026.

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Bibliographical data

Hasan Aksoy (SHURA Energy Transition Center), Osman Bülent Tor, Mahmut Erkut Cebeci and Saeed Teimourzadeh (EPRA Energy), Philipp Godron and Mathis Rogner (both Agora Energiewende)
Publication date

30 April 2022