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18 March 2021 09:30 - 11:30h

What role for clean hydrogen towards climate neutrality? The perspective of international think tanks

Official side event of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD)

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Many countries and companies worldwide have committed to net zero targets / climate neutrality by the middle of this century or soon after. With their declining costs, wind and solar power will play a fundamental role in driving this transformation towards net-zero emissions in the energy systems worldwide. The current trend towards electrifying transport, heating, and industry also represents a unique opportunity for a clean energy transition across sectors. Along with key options such as powerfuels (green hydrogen), this trend helps integrate ever greater shares of variable renewables and accelerate the decarbonisation of the wider energy system.

This think-tank roundtable has provided insights on climate-neutral strategies, pathways, and actions, including the possible role of green hydrogen from the point-of view of a network of leading energy transition think-tanks. Experts from Japan, South Korea, Germany, South Africa and Indonesia presented national roadmaps to decarbonize the energy sector, discussed the role of electrification and hydrogen towards a climate neutral future, as well as addressed the economic benefits and challenges of the transition in the context of the post-COVID recovery.

The two-hour online event was been hold in English and includes a Q & A session.

We published the shown slides in the download area below.

The recording can be found above.


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What role for clean hydrogen towards climate neutrality? The perspective of international think tanks

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