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19 May 2020 11:30 - 12:30h

Unlocking renewables in Southeast Europe through financial de-risking policies

Unlocking renewables in Southeast Europe through financial de-risking policies

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Southeast Europe (SEE) has one of the largest renewable energy potentials in Europe. Yet, the power systems of many SEE countries rely on large shares of old lignite plants. High air pollution levels are a big concern in several regions and cities of the region. Renewable energy sources would allow to tackle these interlinked challenges. However, the current regulatory and policy environment governing investments in renewable energy inhibits this. Complex regulatory and administrative environments translate into higher investment risks which disproportionally increase the cost of capital of renewable energy and makes renewables less attractive.

How could these obstacles be overcome? Various political and financial measures could help to “de-risk” renewables investment. Indeed, the European Union is therefore pushing to “de-risk” renewable energy investments within the Union and in its neighborhood through innovative financial measures.

In a recent study, the NewClimate Institute together with Agora Energiewende, Facets from Greece and ASOR from Serbia quantified the cost reduction effects of various de-risking policies on the cost of onshore wind investments.

On May 19, Christian Redl and Sonja Risteska presented the main results of the study "Unlocking Low Cost Renewables in South East Europe. Case Studies on De-risking Onshore Wind Investment" and discussed the latest policy developments with respect to financial de-risking and guarantee instruments designed to support renewable energy source development in the EU and its neighborhood.

The one-hour webinar was held in English and included a Q&A session.

The presentation can be found in the download section below.

We have recorded the webinar. The recording can be found above.

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Unlocking renewables in Southeast Europe through financial de-risking policies

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