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10 April 2013

Project status: how the German economy can save through increased energy efficiency in the German power sector

What does it cost? Who pays? For weeks now, these two questions have dominated the Energiewende debate. But almost no one’s asking to what extent a more efficient use of energy can reduce the cost of the Energiewende. It’s indisputable that a saved kilowatt hour is the most cost-effective kilowatt hour.

Those who use energy more efficiently not only contribute to less gas and coal being burned. Efficiency also causes less money to be spent on new grids and power plants.

The magnitude of the financial value of electricity savings for Germany´s economy has not yet been quantified. This is the purpose of the joint study project of Agora Energiewende, the European Climate Foundation, and the Regulatory Assistance Project. The central question is: What macroeconomic savings accrue  through efficiency improvements in the German power sector?

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