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9 March 2015

Overview of French and German Power Markets

The two country profiles “France” and “Germany” provide an overview of the structures and power systems of both countries.

Germany’s and France’s power systems are by far the largest in Europe. Together, they count for one third of the entire European electricity consumption. Although both systems are quite different – one centralized, rather monopolistic and nuclear-based, the other more and more renewables-based decentralized – we see some convergence in recent years, e.g. regarding expansion of renewable energy, energy efficiency or reduction of nuclear energy.

An overview on the power systems in France and in Germany is provided by two reports, commissioned by Agora Energiewende. They are available for downloading below.

Both reports describe structure, regulatory systems, technology mix as well as country specific energy policies. Each report can stand alone. However, taken together, both reports provide an interesting insight into recent developments of the European energy policy and future challenges.

With these two reports on Germany and France, Agora publishes numbers 3 and 4 in its series of country profiles. Former reports include “The Netherlands” and “Poland”. All country reports should not be considered to comprehensively and finally cover everything that can be said about the relevant power systems. Instead, we conceive these reports as work in progress that can be complemented and reviewed on a regular basis.

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