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8 November 2023

Agora receives award for its work to further China’s energy transition

The 2023 “China Net-zero Special Contribution Award” was given to Agora by the Investment Association of China (IAC) for the organisation’s commitment to expedite China's transition to a net-zero emissions future.

The year 2023 marks a significant turning point in China's international energy and climate collaboration, as the world’s largest energy-consuming and carbon-dioxide-emitting economy starts to recover from the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Against the backdrop of geopolitical tensions and a global health crisis of the past few years, Agora has played a pivotal role in advancing China's energy transition agenda. It has done so by conducting research on pressing energy and climate issues and facilitating fruitful exchanges of ideas among key stakeholders from the realms of politics, business, science, and civil society.

To acknowledge this work, the Energy Investment Professional Committee of the Investment Association of China (IAC) has given the 2023 “China Net-zero Special Contribution Award” to Agora.  The IAC is a civil society organisation with over 1000 members ranging from state-owned enterprises and foreign companies to experts and scholars that works to improve Chinese sustainability investments at home and abroad. 

Speaking at the event where the award was given, Kevin Tu, the Managing Director of Agora Energy Transition China, emphasised the importance of maintaining momentum of China’s international energy and climate collaboration in an increasingly disruptive world.

"Despite geopolitical and economic headwinds, Agora is determined to double down our efforts to accelerate China’s domestic energy transition and strengthen the country’s international climate collaboration. Through our work, we aim to lay a solid foundation to support a net-zero and prosperous world by mid-century," Tu said.

Agora’s work links China with Europe, Southeast Asia, and beyond. Key policy exchange platforms, such as the Europe-China Forum on Clean Energy Transition, Shanghai Dialogue on Pressing Energy and Climate Issues, and State-owned Power Company Decarbonization Convening, have been particularly important in this process.

The "China Net-zero Special Contribution Award" is an annual accolade in recognition of outstanding organisations that have made exceptional contributions to China's net-zero transition. The award ceremony took place at the International Carbon Neutrality and Green Investment Conference during the 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE). In the context of the CIIE, Agora also organises a side event Shanghai Dialogue on Pressing Energy and Climate Issues on 9 November.

Agora’s team China works closely with like-minded partners to promote China’s energy and climate collaboration with Europe, Southeast Asia and beyond, and strives to accelerate the country’s clean power sector transformation, industrial decarbonisation and regional just transition.

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