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2 April 2020

Agora Energiewende starts new webinar series

Starting on April 9th, we invite you to discuss with us current topics about the energy system transformation every Tuesday and Thursday.

Agora Energiewende starts new webinar series

In our webinar series, we would like to look at various aspects of the energy system transformation that are currently being discussed. The topics range from the European Green Deal and key technologies of a climate-neutral industry, to the question of how renewable energies can provide Indonesia with electricity - these and other topics will be discussed on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting April 9th.

The social restrictions in the current fight against the corona pandemic are shifting all of our lives into our own four walls and professional interaction is moving to digital spaces - apart from system-relevant work in hospitals, care and essential infrastructure.

The team from Agora Energiewende also works from home now, meetings are held by telephone or video conference, public events with audiences are cancelled and will most likely not take place any time soon. But from our home offices, we continue to drive our projects forward and we would like to share the results with you in the coming weeks in a series of webinars.

To ensure that the international audience gets the chance to participate despite the time difference, the Tuesday sessions will take place at 11 am and the Thursday sessions at 3 pm. Thorsten Lenck will kick-off the webinar series on April 9th about Germany's eco-power gap (in German). On April 14th Wido K. Witecka will follow with his presentation on key technologies and policy instruments for a climate-neutral industry (in English).

The one-hour-webinars will be held either in English or German and as always, participation is free of charge. We invite our newsletter subscribers to the upcoming webinars on a bi-weekly basis. We hope to meet you online soon.

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