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11 October 2018

A new series on fundamental issues in the transformation of energy systems

Agora Energiewende announces the launch of "A Word on…". Our series starts with a segment on the flexibility of electricity systems. A second segment deals with the issue of how to develop renewable energies at the lowest possible cost.

Agora Energiewende has been working since 2012 to advance Germany’s clean-energy transition by identifying the most important factors for its success. In doing so, we have amassed a large trove of knowledge and information on a wide range of topics, from power system flexibility and electricity grids to the ever-sinking cost of investment in renewables.

As more and more countries around the world have become interested in making their energy systems more efficient and climate-friendly, demand for our expertise outside of Germany has grown accordingly. To help meet this demand, Agora Energiewende has launched the publication series A Word on…. Its purpose is to take a closer look at fundamental issues in the transformation of energy systems toward a low-carbon future. Though the series draws on Germany’s experiences, its authors make a conscious effort to include the experiences of other countries as well.

The first publication of the series, A Word on Flexibility, discusses the requirements that power systems must satisfy to handle large shares of fluctuating wind and solar power – and the technologies already in place that make it possible today. A Word on Low-Cost Renewables examines the political, infrastructural and legal foundations needed to ensure that the sharp drops in the price of wind turbines and PV installations translate into affordable electricity for consumers. A third issue, on power grid expansion, is currently in preparation.

A Word on… will appear in English and is geared toward experts and non-experts alike, combining brief overviews with detailed analysis. Individual issues are available for download on our website at www.agora-energiewende.de

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