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Success Stories

Stories from across Europe showing how to successfully decarbonise all aspects of our daily lives. Discover solutions for the building, transport, electricity and industry sectors, complemented by conversations with Agora's experts on pathways for reaching climate neutrality by 2050.

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    Pathway to climate-neutral Germany

    How can we achieve climate neutrality in Germany by 2045? Agora’s experts outline the foundations of the transition and the main steps that must be taken to make it a success.

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    Success Story

    Electric vehicles: from niche to mass-market

    In 2020, electric vehicles (EVs) represented 54% of new car sales in Norway, a milestone in decarbonising the car fleet. Stakeholders’ representatives share the ingredients that brought EVs to the mass market.

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    Success Story

    Decarbonising heating in buildings

    The carbon intensity of heating in Norway is one of the lowest in Europe. How was this achieved? Find out from the stakeholders involved how they worked together to phase out fossil boilers in homes and ensure that clean solutions were available for all.