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12 September 2023


Current, historical and future charts showing changes in German power consumption as well as in the production of power from conventional and renewable sources.

Details on "Power generation and consumption"


The CO2 emissions and the CO2 emission factor can now be found in a separate diagram "CO2 emissions from power generation".

This chart tracks changes in power consumption as well as in the production of power from conventional and renewable sources (broken down by solar, wind, water, and biomass). Clicking on the grey legend items displays the share contributed by conventional sources.
The default view is a four-day time range. You can adjust the chart to view a time range of your choice. The earliest possible starting date is 01.01.2012. Note that the European date format is used (day, month, year).
The standard time resolution is 1 hour. You can reduce the temporal resolution to daily or monthly averages to ensure that the chart is displayed quickly and clearly even for longer periods of time. In general, the time required to process and display a given chart increases as the time range grows larger and the resolution gets more detailed.
On the "Data" button you have the possibility to download the displayed data (.csv). To obtain a high-resolution vector image as a PDF , please click on the menu symbol to the bottom right of the chart.
Hover with the mouse over each curve to obtain precise data for specific points in time. By clicking on the items in the legend you can switch individual elements in the figure on and off.
If you are using the Agorameter from another time zone than CET, please note that the Agorameter uses your computer’s local time.

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Mara Marthe Kleiner, Philipp Litz, Fabian Hein, Katharina Hartz
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12 September 2023

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Agora Energiewende (2023): Agorameter. Model version 3.0, Berlin, 13.09.21
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