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Nadia Combariza

ZEU, JLU Giessen

Nadia Combariza is a doctoral candidate at the SDG Nexus Network who is researching the just transition in decarbonization strategies in the Global South. She is a public servant in the Colombian Government and a Global Peace Chain Ambassador for Colombia. During the last years, she worked on projects to ensure access to affordable and clean energy for all Colombians, especially those in post-conflict territories. Nadia holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Universidad del Valle (Colombia), and a double Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Technology and Resources Management for the Tropics from UASLP (Mexico)/TH Köln (Germany). She also worked as a volunteer, intern and consultant in different NGOs, public institutions, and international cooperation agencies, such as GUAKIA Ambiente and the GEF Small Grants Programme in the Dominican Republic, GIZ Chile, CORPROGRESO and the Colombian Institute for Planning and Promotion of Energy Solutions for Off-Grid Areas. During her time at Agora Energiewende, Nadia is exploring innovative methodological approaches for shaping decarbonization pathways from a bottom-up perspective, involving stakeholders that have been, are or might be affected by an energy transition in fossil fuels extraction-intervened territories.