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Muhammad Basit Ghauri

Manager Research and Networks, Renewables First

A Fulbright alumni and Climate Corps Fellow for Environmental Defense Fund US, Basit is an experienced energy, climate and environmental professional with over 5 years of experience in sustainable development areas including Clean Energy Systems, Power System, Climate Change and Environment. Currently working at Renewables First, a prominent energy transition think-tank in Pakistan, Basit is dedicated to accelerating the energy transition in the country. His primary focus is on developing and implementing strategies to promote renewable energy adoption in Pakistan. Basit has successfully closed multiple projects in the renewable energy and power sectors including an electrification study on the Merged Areas of Pakistan, a diagnostic on the power sector of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a market assessment of productive use of clean energy in the agriculture sector, and the development of a guidebook for on-grid renewable energy developers in Pakistan. Moreover, he is currently working on diverting Chinese investment from coal to clean energy projects in Pakistan. In addition to his project work, Basit has been actively engaged in raising awareness about renewables and debunking myths surrounding their viability. He has spearheaded a series called "Busting the Myths," which aims to educate and inform the public about the benefits and realities of renewable energy.

Recognizing the importance of an inclusive energy transition, Basit currently mentors a newly established think tank based in the marginalized province of Balochistan. Through this mentorship, he supports their capacity development and ensures their active participation in the energy transition process. On the climate front, Basit is an integral member of a team involved in developing Net Zero targets and implementation plans for Pakistan. His expertise in scoping financing strategies and innovative instruments has been instrumental in advancing sustainable development goals in the country. Additionally, Basit has been exploring innovative technologies for industrial decarbonization, including assessing the viability and use cases of green hydrogen in various sectors.