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Majda Ibraković

Campaigner, Project Manager and Program Coordinator, Energy and Climate change, Center for Environment

Majda Ibraković is a campaigner, project manager and program coordinator in the association Center for Environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has gained experience firstly in the mining sector, where she formerly used to work as an Environmental associate. Currently, Majda has been deeply involved in campaigning against harmful fossil fuel investments such as coal mines and power plants through the campaign „Stop dirty energy, the future is renewable“. On the opposite side, she has been researching and building credible arguments for an accelerated development of wind and solar projects in BiH. She has participated in various legal, strategic and decision-making processes regarding the environment, as well as working groups and discussions with various stakeholders on energy and climate change for BiH and the Western Balkans.

During the EnerTracks Fellowship, Majda will research on sustainable energy systems for self-consumption, their integration and contribution to decarbonisation and climate in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Majda holds a university degree in Geography from the Faculty of Science in Sarajevo, specialized in environmental protection.