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Laura Flechas Mejía

Energy associate, Energy team, Transforma

Laura Flechas Mejía is an Environmental Engineer with a postgraduate diploma in Project Management. During the last few years, she has worked on projects related to energy transition, climate change adaptation, and environmental economics within the mining and energy sector. She is currently working as an Energy Associate at Transforma Global in Colombia providing a key role in supporting the generation of knowledge and advocacy documents related to energy transition for Colombia and Latin America. She actively contributed to the development of roadmaps and technical documents that aligned with the decarbonization pillars proposed by the International Energy Agency. These initiatives were aimed at analyzing milestones, challenges, and opportunities for the Latin America region and Colombia to achieve carbon neutrality.

Additionally, as an independent consultant, she worked on projects related to climate change adaptation. Mainly in conducting comprehensive literature reviews, systematizing, and analyzing data, and providing crucial support for the implementation and monitoring of climate change adaptation projects. Her expertise includes designing monitoring and evaluation components, supervising climate action tools, and contributing to global reports such as the Climate-Smart Mining report for Colombia. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a deep commitment to addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable practices in the energy and mining sectors.