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Chanda Karen Chalwe

Junior Energy Advisor at CIG Zambia, Cities and Infrastructure for Growth (CIG Zambia)

Karen Chanda Chalwe is an energy engineer from Southern Africa in Zambia. She is currently working as a Junior Energy Advisor for CIG Zambia. Her current work involves long term energy planning in power generation and distribution. She shares her passion for power system development drawing from the African Union Agenda 2063 goals on Powering and Industrializing Africa. She has been involved in the development of some notable national strategic documents in the Zambian energy sector, some of which include, the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) and the Energy Efficiency Strategic and Action Plan (EESAP). Karen is also a member of a recently established, Zambia Electric Mobility and Innovation Alliance (ZEMIA), whose work is focused on policy advocacy, research and awareness creation on e-mobility and innovation. During the EnerTrack fellowship programme, Karen will work on understanding the impacts of integrating distributed renewable energy systems in existing grids, demand flexibility and grid interactive efficient buildings. She holds a Master’s degree in Energy Policy from the Pan African University, Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES) and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tlemcen in Algeria for both trainings.