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Karin Kritzinger

Project Lead Power System Transformation

Karin Kritzinger is Project Lead Power System Transformation at Agora Energiewende since September 2023. She works on various aspects related to the transition towards a climate-neutral power system in South Africa and Türkiye.

Prior to joining Agora, she worked at Stellenbosch University since 2013, where she led and participated in a wide range of projects encompassing most renewable energy technologies. Just before leaving the university, she worked as Lead: Contract Research at the Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy studies at the Faculty of Engineering. Since 2020, she was also the Networks Manager: Energy for the Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for the water-energy-food nexus at Stellenbosch University. Previously, she worked in agriculture, as an independent Sustainable Energy Consultant as well as for GreenCape, a non-profit organisation based in Cape Town. Karin has an undergraduate degree in commerce (accounting) and a master´s degree in renewable energy (M.Phil.).