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Frank Steffe

Senior Associate Key Questions (until January 2022)

Frank Steffe worked for Agora Energiewende as Senior Associate Key Questions focusing on national and European policy.

Before he joined Agora, he was Head of Staff for Bremen’s Senator for Climate Protection, the Environment, Mobility, Urban and Housing Development, where he was responsible for political coordination, key issues and federal policy. In this role, he was involved in several projects regarding environmental, energy, climate and mobility policy at the local and state level.

From 1999 to 2007, Frank worked for the Green Group in the German Bundestag as a consultant for Climate Policy and Economic Instruments for Environmental Policy. He helped implement the Ecological Tax Reform and the Emissions Trading System in Germany.  

Frank studied Economics in Hamburg, Cork/Ireland and Bremen. He made his diploma in examining the idea of an Ecological Tax Reform and started his career as the executive director of Green Budget Germany (FÖS or Forum Ökologisch-Soziale Marktwirtschaft).