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Forschungsstelle für Energiewirtschaft (FfE)

The FfE is a research centre and research company widely recognised in Germany for over 70 years. The experienced and practice-oriented FfE team addressed current issues in energy technology and the energy sector. One of its primary objectives is the education and development of emerging scientists. To achieve this, project responsibilities are entrusted to a young and interdisciplinary team from diverse backgrounds such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, geography, environmental engineering, economics, political science and civil engineering - all under the guidance of more experienced professionals. Through close co-operation with our network of industry practitioners and our more than 70 years of research experience, FfE provides science-based consulting services and expert opinions grounded in scientific rigour. We identify the opportunities inherent in the ongoing societal and corporate transformation, facilitating informed decision-making through independent, science-driven insights.