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Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU) Management Engineering, System Analysis Division

Systems analysis is based on multidisciplinary research in the border field of physics, mathematics and economics addressing complex interactions and integration of entities within a given system boundary, subject to external conditions such as technological change, innovation, costs and environmental impacts .

The division is conducting basic and applied research with a specific focus on social impacts, economics, energy, urban areas, land use and resource consumption, climate change, and sustainable development. The research is addressing national and international issues and is covering social level impacts as well as individual consumers and the business sector.

We combine technical and economic research focusing mainly on quantitative analysis within energy research. We develop methods and models and use these for technical, economic and policy analysis.

Our research activities are grouped into the four areas:

  • Macro-economics, econometrics, and forecast models
  • System modelling, optimization, and simulation
  • Micro-economics, regulation, and policy analysis
  • Evaluation and integration of new energy technologies