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CASE for Southeast Asia

Clean, Affordable and Secure Energy for Southeast Asia” (CASE)

CASE aims to support a narrative change in the power sector towards an evidence-based energy transition that robustly supports the region’s development strategies as it pursues Paris Agreement goals. The programme makes use of available research initiatives while generating new evidence grounded in local realities that can influence economic managers, power sector decision makers, industry leaders and electricity consumers to support early, fast, and responsive strategic reforms in the power sector. To reach this objective, the programme applies a joint fact-finding approach involving expert analysis and dialogue to work towards consensus by converging areas of disagreement. Overall, the creation of this evidence is expected to equip policy makers and businesses with the knowledge and capacities to manage the power sector transition in a socially just manner. CASE also supports exchange and coordination in the SEA power sector, providing technical and policy support and facilitate discourse around a new energy vision. Through these different activities, CASE will directly contribute to the transition of the power sector towards clean, affordable and secure energy for SEA.