The Renewable-Energy Surcharge Calculator: Calculate the Renewable-Energy Levy Yourself

Screenshot of the Renewable-Energy Levy

How will the renewable-energy levy for electricity, the EEG-Umlage, develop by 2018? So that everybody can answer this question, Agora Energiewende has developed a software that – with just a few mouse clicks – determines how political decisions will affect the renewable-energy levy for electricity.

The program is Excel-based and requires only a little knowledge to operate. In terms of software, one needs Windows and a 2007 Excel version. On Macs and older versions of Excel, an Excel 97 version works, too. The program doesn’t work with Open Office.  We are currently working on an online version. 

In just seconds, the software calculates not only the cost of the renewable-energy levy for the years up to 2017, but also in diagrams shows the distribution of cash flows and the composition of the remuneration.  The user can choose among a variety of scenarios for energy policy and the energy-economic framework, as well as the rate of the expansion of renewable energy in coming years. This way, the annual new capacities for renewable energy can vary, as well as the level of electricity prices on the energy exchange, the extent of the levy exemption for large consumers (privilege), or the amount of feed-in-tariff for plant operators.

The tool has two modes: Decision-makers may opt for an easy-to-use mode with useful pre-defined scenarios, while experts can go deeper with the more complex mode hat enables them to calculate in more variables.

The renewable-energy levy calculator is updated regularly. Until now, it is only available in a German language version.

The Renewable-Energy Levy Calculator download:

AGORA-EEG-Calculator_mod_v1_2_7.xlsm (Excel 2007 and newer)

AGORA-EEG-Calculator_mod_v1_2_7.xls (Excel 97 may not work correctly)

Documentation for Renewable-Energy Levy Calculator (in German language):


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